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Sleepy Konrad Adenauer, who?

Do you ever feel like Joe Biden is the 21st Century version of Konrad Adenauer?

Who, I hear you ask is Konrad Adenauer but don't worry I had to look him up too.

You see Kondrad Adenauer didn't exactly set the world on fire and that's that all that people probably wanted from him.

While he did appear as Man of the Year in 1954, history books never put his picture on the cover and as I said, I had to look him up.

Just like Joe Biden today, Kondrad came after 45 and I am sure he didn't make any wild plans to put children in cages or ban religious groups from enetering the country. I am sure he never tweeted or telegrammed "Rocketman" or whatever people did in the 20th Century and for that I thank him.

Vielen Danke Herr Adenauer

Adenauer was the first German chancellor immediately after 1945 and as such, I am sure he had a lot of fires to put out, bridges to build and friends to apologise to. Ok he wasn't the first German chancellor immediately after Adolf Hitler but I don't think we want to mention Joseph Goeballs who is listed on Wikipedia as chancellor for a day or Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk of the National Socialist German Workers' Party who served 21 days in the role, after serving as Germany's Minister of Finance from 1932 to 1945.

Yes I mean that National Socialist German Workers' Party, (NAZI) and I am sure he lined his pockets with gold teeth from the late 1930s onwards but I know nothing of that guy except that he was a Nazi.

In 1949, The Federal Republic of Germany was born and Chancellor Adenauer ruled it for 14 years.

The Federal Republic of Germany was more commonly known as West Germany to most of us and while Adenauer ruled over it, another man ruled over East Germany. The Chairman of the Council of Ministers ruled over East Germany until German Reunification took place on the 3rd of October 1990.

The two Germanys were divided until 1990 and in 1961, the USSR built a wall which I presume was paid for by Mexico at the time. Democratic president JFK visted Germany proclaimed "Ich bin ein Berliner." The phrase means, I am a donut but is very similar to I am a Berliner "Ich bin Berliner."

Later a Republican President proclaimed, "Tear down this wall" and in November 1989, East and West joined together to form the Federal Republic of Germany we know today. Hashtag "Hustory."

Who knows when America will reunite their divided federal republic?

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