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Mirror, Mirror on my Facebook wall, who is the vainest of them all?

The Kardashian klan are out in force to stop a real life photograph of Khloé Kardashian from circulating on the internet which heaven forbid might actually show a realistic look at the Reality Star.

Khloé Kardashian became famous after her sister's sex tape came out in 2007 and the Kardashian klan launched a series of businesses and reality shows netting the family over a billionaire dollars along the way.

Kim Kardashian has an estimated net worth of one billion alone and her young step sister is quickly building a similar empire but how can we believe their value when we clearly can't believe their photos?

The photograph in question was appararently taken by an assistant and published online without being "Heavily filtered" which has upset the imagine concious family but considering the success of Kim's sex tape, how do we know this isn't a stupid story that they are milking all the way to Forbes magazine and the bank.

We all must accept that photoshop and filters are a part of both the media and social media but to see this reaction to one unfiltered picture being released to the millions of fans shows how far removed, either they, or we are, from reality.

Long before photography, Oliver Cromwell is believed to have told a painter called Peter Lely to paint him "Warts and All", as he truly was and I always loved that story about not concealing our blemishes.

Cromwell isn't remembered well in history but at least his assistants made better pictures of him than we do today and I commend his honesty and picture legacy. Our visible blemishes are known to friends and family and we should find it unacceptable when people try to hide who they really are.

I once, photoshopped my stomach much thinner than it really was in a picture because I really liked the image but didn't want to turn people's stomach with my less than perfect looks. I always thought it was worth mentioning that the picture on my blog was an edited picture.

I'm not sure that even Oscar Wilde could have written such a vane story about a person trying to hide a picture of themselves as it ages naturally while they do not and The Kardashians, Kim, Khloe and Kul Ducat, sorry that last one is a Cardassian, Kim, Kloe and Kourtney are three sisters who have made money off a reality show that seems quite far from reality which I imagine could do untold damage as teenagers struggle with beauty regimes of photoshopped queens.

As a storyteller, I use Social Media more than I really should but what about the kids growing up in an age where they have never known anything but Instagram, Grinder and Snapchat?

Well Instragram, Snap, Tiktok and several other services including Youtube.

The Kardashians are going into overdrive to remove a private picture of Khloé Kardashian from the internet but they know too well that this will only drive people to look for the picture and I am suspicious of their vain attempts to control us and what we see of them.

About ten years ago when The Hills was on tv, I remember my then girlfriend telling me about this amazing new reality show that was totally real and when I watched it, one character walked into a bar where her ex boyfriend was drinking, I immediately called BS on the series as her ex just happened to be wearing a radio mic while drinking at the bar.

Maybe I am too suspicious but even in Hollywood, I don't think people go bar hopping with a radio mic attached to them. I could be wrong but I'll stick to watching episodes of Star Trek Deep Space Nine in my spare time and will keep up with a different type of Kardashian for now.

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