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Just a Bike

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

School might have have just started but for one young Athlone boy, I’m sure he is already writing a letter to Santa Claus and getting ready to post it after his Christmas present was taken from a friend’s front garden in Bower Row, Athlone.

Straight from the North Pole and snow white in colour, the boy who has just started fourth class, was devastated to have his BMX taken and his father has even offered a generous reward for the bicycle.

Most people might think that, “It’s just a bike” and might not take the crime serious but when you take away a young boy’s bike, you take away a form of joy, you take away a form of exercise and you take away the ability to get from A to B.

Bicycles also offer us the opportunity to get away from it all and destress and it is so important to be able to encourage our friends and family to get, “On your bike” and “Get going.”

Bicycles are not as fast as cars, they cannot carry as much or as many people but they have many advantageous over cars which makes sense for people to use bicycles as much as possible. Some people might drive to the gym and use an exercise bike but bicycles are an economical, environmentally friendly and an awesome form of transport which are perfect for young children and teenagers to use for visiting friends and going to school.

Even for adults, bicycles are more than metal and plastic attached to two wheels. Some people rely on bikes for deliveries and others use them to get to work or for exercise and there is nothing more detrimental to breaking cyclists’ spirit than bike crime and society’s lack of concern about something being taken from them.

Something that might mean the world to them.

Bikes make an easy opportunistic target for people to take because they are so light and portable. They are also worth a lot but not as much as they are to their young owners.

The school term has just begun and it is unfortunate that one Athlone boy might have to wait until Christmas time before he can go cycling with his friends again.

The bike was taken from Bower Row on Saturday September 7 between 9.30 and 11pm and the bike is very distinctive with its ice white colour and red hot wheels.

Whether you are naughty or nice, be good for goodness sake and help return this bike so he can enjoy the sound of jingle bells, this side of his Christmas holidays.

In case the bike was taken by mistake, you can contact his father on 0851928768.

The bike is a We The People 18” BMX bike built to take the hardship of skateparks and has distinctive red wheels and and a pure white frame.

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