• Morgan Fagg

Can One Man Make a Difference?

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Let me just start out by saying, nobody got hurt.

I wanted to go out but also wanted to do something healthier and more heroic after doing a 100km cycle with my best friend the day before. We had cycled from Athlone to Galway in 4 hours and then rang his wife for a lift home after I slipped in the rain on a railway track and we couldn’t cycle back.

It was a Friday night and I fancied going out but after watching ´Iron Man´ & ´Kick Ass´ three times, the DVD looped, I wanted to be a superhero, a real life super hero.

Since Superheros are kinda selfless I offered to Iron sheets for my mother. No Super powers, just the power of steam, I think everyday we should try do something to help others. While it might seem sad, it made my mom happy and that after all is more than Batman or Superman have ever been able to do for Mrs. Wayne and Mrs. Man.

With no power, comes no responsibility, I had 220 volts, so it mightn't seem very heroic but I still get to claim like Tony Stark, I am Iron Man.

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