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I finally saw 'Saw'

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

I just watched the horror film The Nun tonight and I have to admit I was very disappointed.

I had been looking forward to the latest in the Expedient Warren series of horror films based on the legendary figures Lorraine and Ed Warren who genuinely have investigated a series of hauntings around the world such as the infamous The Amityville Horror.

I have really enjoyed the Conjuring series of horror films and always tell friends that I like a well written horror and not a stupid slasher or gory film with no intelligent writing.

I always tell people I like horror films like The Conjuring series of films by director James Wan and not a blood fest like Saw.

Well I finally saw the first Saw film a few weeks ago and it was really good and there it was at the beginning, A James Wan film and I am pretty sure he also played a detective in it. Buddying up with everyone's favourite cop buddy, actor Danny Glover.

I couldn't believe Danny Glover was in, as I presumed it was a budget film that took off for gorey content but right from the beginning I was looking at one of the main actors thinking, is that Gary Lewis from The Princess Bride?

The reason I never got into the Saw series of horror films was because I watched Saw II and wasn't overly impressed and presumed, Seen one, Saw them all.

Okay, I'm pulling the Mickey with this one but it was too good not to include.

Clap on, Clap off: this poor woman got burned when she got the clap.

Are ghosts just people who died trying to do laundry?

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