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Huevos Rotos con Jamon

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Delicious chips with ham and eggs on top

There is no easy way to translate the traditional Spanish dish Huevos Rotos but I would definitely start with the word delicious.

Huevos Rotos translates as Broken Eggs but I can’t imagine saying that in English.

On a menu in Plaza Matute in the centre of Madrid, a restaurant tried and failed to translate the dish as "Broken with Spanish Jam."

Mistaking Ham (Jamon) for Jam is inexcusable when trying to tempt tourists to try your menu and clearly, someone has egg on their face for their broken English.

Huevos Rotos is usually accompanied by something like ham or black pudding and with an egg or two placed on top of the chips.

As Ray D'Arcy used to always say, “Everything tastes better with an egg on top” and while you will find huevos added to many dishes such as hamburguesa con huevo o sandwich mix con huevo.

I don’t think I need to translate hamburgers or grilled sandwiches with egg but these are some of the delicious bar and cafe offerings you will find in Spain.

Cooking them here at home and while on lockdown, my girlfriend ordered some Truffle oil from Amazon to add to the taste after we tried Huevos Rotos con Aceite de Trufa en Cafe Moro which is a beautiful restaurant down by El Museo del Prado.

BROKEN ENGLISH: Rotos Con Jamon Iberico.

The idea of “Broken” eggs is that the egg drips all over the chips and adds to the flavour.

You might not easily be able to translate the dish as easily as you can enjoy it but as the tv presenter Ray D'Arcy used to say, “Everything tastes better” con huevos encima.

If you wish to try the food in Cafe Moro, check out their Huevos Rotos con Aceite de Trufa or their Tomatoes in truffle oil.


Egg on your face = Embarrassing yourself or an embarrassing situation

Remember: Patatas fritas has different names in US & UK.

Chips in British English French Fries in American

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