• Morgan Fagg

How do Bone Spurs effect Covid-19?

Donald Trump has claimed to be infected with a democratic hoax he calls Kung Flu.

Not only is the elderly, obese and broke president claiming to have contracted Covid just when he desperately needed a convenient distration from his tax returns, Proud Boys "stand by" comments and fresh sexual assault claims.

President Trump has told a whopping 20,000 lies over the last five years and has famously claimed to have had Bone Spurs.

His Bone Spurs allowed him to defer from the Vietnam draft five times and this fake ailment worked.

Some doctor signed off on his Bone Spurs nonsense but even running for president and later as POTUS, Trump has had his share of whacky doctors to enable his unhealthy lies.

I'm not convinced that Donald Trump has caught this "hoax" and it is the sheer volume of lies and use of doctor notes that doesn't convince me. We are looking at the proud boy who called "Sheeple" where is is very likely that Donald Trump has caught Coronavirus but at the same time, the timing of his sickness two weeks shy of the next presidential debates is highly suspicious as people question his tax returns, and failure to denounce White Supremacy, and the deaths of 200,000 Americans.

If Donald Trump has Coronavirus, can any "Medical" doctor explain how Bone Spurs will effect it?

COUGHING GAGS: Here lies Donald Trump who will not be remembered as fondly as Honest Abe and it has nothing to do with the hat he wore and the question remains if Trump will he be booed at the next funeral he attends like he was a Justice Ginsberg's funeral earlier in the week.

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