• Morgan Fagg

Have you met Mary Mallon?

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

There were great crowds gathered at Cheltenham this year

People came from far and near, to gamble on a prize

the excitement was electric, you could feel it in the air

To his shy awkward friends, A jockey joked

“Have you met young Mary Mallon?”

He was preparing for the ride of the life

But who was this scary Mary

he wanted his friends to meet?

A blind date and a price to be paid

She was no prostitute, she was a cook

but she could kill you with just one look

The bookies backed their favourites,

odds on for Coronavirus to win big

The Royal Family looked on

as the Jockeys, social distanced

themselves, with whips in their hands

Had they heard about “Herd Immunity”

The stands, stood still,

you could hear a cough,

from the bustling crowd,

as the penny finally dropped

The prize went to Mary Mallon by a mile

She was a cook from Cookstown

in Tyrone, not exactly, down the road

The word-of-mouth announced

the danger of this stranger

As Typhoid Mary,

Rides Again

Morgan Fagg en Madrid

Aoril Fools`Day 2020

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