• Morgan Fagg

Have you ever ran with bulls?

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Every year in Pamplona, the traditional bull run takes place in early July attracting thousands of tourists to the Basque country in Northern Spain.

The Spanish San Fermin festival honouring the region’s first bishop is far from the only bull run you will find, nor is Spain the only country that has bullfights. Many towns across Spain have similar fiestas but Pamplona is by far the most famous and of course, many have died doing it.

I don’t have to tell you that the infamous running of the bulls is dangerous.

What might surprise you is just how many have died in the last century. 15 and only 15 people well at least since records began in 1910. Now imagine, in 15 days in June, ten people have drowned in Ireland.

Summer holidays are here but you don’t have to run with bulls to endanger your life, Ireland is a country surrounded by water but many drownings occur in rivers and lakes so please take care this Summer, many tragic accidents also take place in other countries where people are not familiar with local conditions so do look out for lifeguards on Spanish beaches and at hotel swimming pools.

Enjoy sunny siestas and late-night fiestas but remember water can be very dangerous, even on farms and golf courses, rivers and lakes. NO BULL.

RED FLAG TO A BULL: Watch out for a Red & Yellow flags on beaches before entering the water.

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