• Morgan Fagg

Has Trump really got a handle on anything?

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

As the longest Government Shutdown in American history concludes, we must ask if President Trump really has a handle on things and I mean the simplest of presidential things.

Reality clearly isn’t something this administration has got much control of which has been demonstrated by Kelly Ann Conway and her statements about “Alternative facts” and the Bowling Green Massacre, which was one of the worst massacres ever handled by this administration.

The self-proclaimed Ernest Hemingway of Twitter, took the @Potus handle in January 2017 from his predecessor who was the first American President to ever hold the prestigious @Potus Twitter account.

Handing over the account, Barrack Obama has been archived and given the handle @Potus44 account and Michelle Obama has become @Flotus44 with Melania Trump taking over the inspiring @Flotus account.

FLOTUS stands for First Lady Of The United States an honour better suited to one of Trump’s first wives especially if they happened to be Of The once United States. Since Melanie is Trump’s second Russian bride, maybe the FLOTUS account was better in Michelle Obama’s hands than the president’s current wife who Really doesn’t care if her statements are to believed, judging by the clothes she wears.

@Flotus has taken up the #BeBest initiative which seems ironic as it might #BeBetter to say nothing at all if her husband can’t #BeGood.

@POTUS tweets from his old account, @RealDonaldJTrump handle and his @PressSec continues to reference his Real account which I find unreal. Not only do his tweets not reflect reality but I am sure they won’t be archived in his presidential library in the future and he probably finds it easier to ignore people working from a private account rather than an official government account.

Why does he continue to tweet from @RealDonaldJTrump and not @POTUS?

There is no requirement that he must win more votes than his opponent to take this account, there are no tax declarations that need to be made or emoluments clauses to be followed so why does he continue to use his private account and why does his daughter use a private e-mail account when history books send Hillary Clinton to the guillotine for using a private account?

When it comes to accountability, @POTUS can't even handle his own handle. SAD

Whoever takes over the @POTUS account will have some very small gloves to fill indeed and will probably handle normal presidential tasks much better and easier than the Covfefe in Chief who has struggled from everything from spelling to judging characters.

There were 140 characters to hand when he started using Twitter and while that number has grown, the number of characters in his administration is always in question as we look at how many of them have been fired by tweet or are now in jail and how many of them should be in Twitter jail for the things they have tweeted?

Russia if you are listening, it would #BeBest if you insisted that your tool starts using the spell checker tool and tries to get a handle on his real Twitter handle at the very least.

Beyonce can you handle this? Oprah can you handle this Barrack can you handle this because I don’t think POTUS can even handle his own handle. SAD

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