• Morgan Fagg

A Happy Meal

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

Eoin and Rose, All alone,

Hands out, Who's hungry?

Rose, a young teenaged girl

and Eoin, her four year old,

on the drab Dublin streets,

all alone, ten years ago,

not looking for sweets

Now near his mother´s age,

Is he still on the street?

Are they even alive,

fighting for their lives?

I met them on a street,

hungry for lunch, they weak from it

I brought them to McDonalds

Grafton Street

A Happy Meal for the little one

nothing for his mother,

she sipped from her coffee cup,

begged for food but ate nothing

She begged for money for a blanket

but would not buy one, with me

Would a blanket cost her money,

begging on the street?

Who took her money at the end of the day?

I guess I'll never know but hungry and cold,

I left Eoin and Rose, all alone.

Begging for a blanket, ten years ago.

With no blankets or sheets,

sitting on the cold Dublin streets,

I wonder how he grew up, all those years ago

Have you ever met a six foot tall,

malnourished kid?

How many happy meals will Eoin enjoy in his short life?

Morgan Fagg En Madrid 2nd of March 2016

THE BUS HOME: a man sits all alone outside the Bank of Ireland

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