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Happy Birthday Anna

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Remember remember the 3rd of November, It is Anna's birthday today. Two years ago we took a trip to Valencia to see the wonderful aqurium there and what a treat it was for me to show Anna Valencia and the City of Arts and Science.

Arriving at the Oceangraphico, Anna immediately organised for us to join a small group of people to watch the sharks being fed.

Sharks, Dolphins and Penguins, we enjoyed all the fish on offer and fish eaters too. The Oceanogràfic Valencia is a wonderful complex to visit. From there we tried to take a rocket to the moon and saw a dinosaur take his first steps in a 3D cinema.

Anna is an animal lover and watching Dolphins jump through hoops doesn't sound like much fun but the Oceangraphico focuses on research and science and not cruelty and entertainment.

Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil but we have seen a lot over the last few years and have travelled near and far too.

Anna and I always find reason to celebrate with some cava and on Saint Patrick's Day I even add a little green colourant to turn things green.

Over the last few years, we have followed in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper and climbed into tanks and put on Bomb Disposal equipment at various events around Madrid. We have also tasted and tested many different things including a horrible smoothie outside a MC Escher exposition in Madrid and a Cuatro Millennium exposition where we met Annabelle, Mothman and Big Foot.

Over the years we have enjoyed plenty of fish and a few glasses of cava and even sea urchins.

NICE LEGS: I'm not saying Anna is old but here she is with some dinosaurs.

FEELING BLUE: Anna has a habit of carrying the World on her shoulders.

FISH OUT OF WATER: A blue whale and me

We saw a carpenter shark also known as a sawfish and a hammerhead shark.

I once saw this many fish

Seahorses and Sealions

Pick up a penguin

Sand tiger shark

We finished the trip with a journey to Denia.

I'm still trying to get Anna to play for the Harps.

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