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Halloween in the James Joyce

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

HALLOWEEN PICTURES: https://www.halloween-2019.nohemingway.com

Anna fell and hurt her leg during the week and decided to leave the James Joyce Halloween fancy dress party this year as she didn’t want to look like a zombie walking down the street but by the time I got to Cibeles I could actually see a man zipping past me in an electric wheelchair and the guy was dressed like the Penguin from Batman Returns.

With a fake nose and top hat, this guy actually looked like Danny DiVito from the film.

There was a stretched H2 Hummer limo on the corner and it looked like the policia had pulled them over but I don’t know if the enormous car was pulled over or not or just getting ready for a party.

By the time I got to the James Joyce I was immediately met by the Ghosts of Spain and political commentary as a couple was dressed with a map of Europe and flag.

Specter over Europe wasn’t easy to guess and Gaspar was a story I had completely missed but was delighted to hear about where the far-right party Vox had complained about the dangers of Gaysper a gay version of Casper the ghost.

Naturally, their fears about a gay ghost didn’t convince anyone and to be honest I would be more afraid of Fascist Zombies with Franco flying around Madrid last week. Strange times we are living in.

Of course they weren’t the only ones with political-themed costumes on their mind as I had considered going as John Bercow MP who was resigning as Speaker of the House of Commons on Halloween. I had also considered dressing up like Georgie from IT but to tell people I was Greta Thunberg, two minutes talking about Climate Change and I was bound to get my hand eating off so the Thunberg look would quickly turn into an authentic Georgie look.

Outside the James Joyce I met Ciara who was dressed as an 80’s Barbie doll and I had to hold back on making inappropriate jokes about Barbie as Ciara doesn’t know me that well.

JOKE: Why doesn’t Ken and Barbie have kids? Because Ken comes separately in a different box.

Yeah, that joke mightn’t have been as funny as it was in my head.

Inside the bar, there were lots of Copas to be shared with friends, most notably the European Championship trophy which the Harps’ Men’s team won in Vienna last week. Well done lads.

Javi and Katie were Lost in Translation and I was dressed as a teacher with a mortarboard academic cap on my head and a cape around my shoulders. Not my best costume but it is hard to take pictures in fancy dress. Not as old school as I would have liked as I used to have a fancy dress principal’s costume with an oversized hat twice or trice the size of this year’s costume.

I had promised some of my adult students a professional and appropriate formal costume and the €5 hat did the trick as I gave them some treats.

Enjoying some Hop House 13 Inside with the Harps and in walks Fiachra and Orla who were visiting Madrid for the week and then Fidelma as well who is over visiting her home away from home for Halloween.

On stage, there was a nun rocking to the sound of modern music and speeches made by Beetlejuice when he was called three times to the stage where Paddy and Martin thanked everyone for coming, the lads for winning big in Europe and they also wished club secretary, Grainne a happy birthday as well.

Grainne was dressed as the devil and it was clear who the Harps had made a deal with in order to win big in Vienna last week.

Harrpy birthday Grainne and Harrpy Halloween everyone as we celebrate the pagan New Year.

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