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Hallowe'en & the costume you did NotSee

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

My hopes of winning worst costume were lost and best photographer too as I dropped a camera on my way to the James Joyce after picking up Anna after a reading about Prince Dracula at El Ateneo theatre for the Bloomsday Society. https://www.nohemingway.com/blog/interview-with-a-vampire

Focusing in a crowded place where everyone is moving isn't easy and dropping a camera doesn't help but it was hard to focus myself on all the fantastic costumes on display.

Last weekend on a flight home, Siobhain had told me about the idea of dressing as Rock, Paper, Scissors with her friends but focusing on my girlfriend, I missed the opportunity to photograph some amazing costumes such as Lucius Malfoy's Javi costume. Home before 12, my taxi home didn't quite have time to turn into a pumpkin but check out Katie Flood's Facebook post.

Anna's costume was awesome despite only buying it on the day and my crazy idea to dress as a Nazi and Anna a princess and to go as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex Prince Harry & Meghan Markle were ruined when I couldn't find an available Hugo Boss suit with pirate Skull & Crossbones on it.

I'm sure there are not many countries where you can dress up as a Nazi and I was caught between the blonde, blue eyed look and dying my hair ginger for the Prince Harry in a Nazi uniform look and if you think my costume idea was in poor taste just think how insensitive my paparazzi look would be to members of the royal family if I just showed up with cameras and no costume. In El Rastro I found some gas masks and in a place called Morgan Surplus I found some military hats and in one costume shop I even found some sold out SS costumes.

Like a BOSS: Putting the SS into an outfit I could have just bought an authentic Hugo Boss suit.

When I said Anna's costume was awesome I mean, it really scared people and passing the Bloomsday Society on the way to the James Joyce, I was asked for a photograph of Anna which looks like a scene from Stephen King's IT as her hair sweeps past her crazy clown face.

In the James Joyce, Crissy dressed as Jigsaw from the SAW films but didn't want to play any games when she saw Anna dressed as a clown.

Having never met before, poor Crissy seemed to be suffering coulrophobia as she kept her back to Anna apologising that she couldn't meet Anna dressed as a clown. I did get to meet some American Werewolves in Madrid when Clare and Gray clawed their way into some pictures.

I know you aren't meant to play with scissors but I really wanted to get some photographs of this awesome group who totally ROCKed their cut&paste look. Here is an image I copied from them.

Later in Fontana de Oro, Officer Roxy rocked it as security when a guy started hassling another girl.

Happy Halloween everyone, hope you had a great night, sorry if I missed photos with any of you.

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