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Was it a Good Call?

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

"We had I think good phone call, it was normal"

"We talked about many things," "nobody pushed me."

According to Donald J Trump, he had a "Perfect call" while quit pro quo-ing the Ukrainian president.

In an awkward interview with President Volodímir Zelenski, Trump interrupted Zelenski's answer to say "In other words, no pressure."

To me, a good call is, grabbing a jacket if you think it is going to get colder.

A good call is packing a picnic in the car for after a hike in the mountains.

A good call is predicting something that might happen and covering your base whether in sport or business or politics.

A good call doesn't get you impeached.

An example of a good call in my opinion was when Irish presidential candidate Michael D Higgins was asked how much he would spend on his campaign and he answered the actual question that he was asked.

This came after several other candidates dodged and deflected the question and follow up questions and one candidate even went so far as to say that she forgot how much she spent on her last campaign.

Each candidate had a reason, whether genuine or not, for not knowing their campaign finances.

Seriously, no potential politician wanted to talk about money so soon after the Financial Crisis and they dodged the monetary question like it was the plague.

When asked, how much he would spend on his campaign he said, (if I remember correctly), "€321.000" he then went on to say that it was a professional campaign and he intended to win it.

The interviewer seemed shocked to actually get an honest answer, the first time it was asked and I don't know if anyone else appreciated it as much I did but that was a good call.

Where was I? Oh yes, a president making a good call.

Likewise Michael D Higgins I think made a great call before running as Irish president when he called an American political pundit a "wanker" in a radio interview.

After a seven minute rant attacking the Tea Party advocate Michael Graham, Michael D finished the rant by wishing him well but hoping that he wasn't just

"Another wanker whipping-up fear."

The final word "Wanker," made the interview go viral and the interview is well known about and I imagine that the Irish President is some genius chess player knowing that his long drawn out rant would never have been repeated nor gone viral if the 70 year old didn't throw in a little bit of controversial profanity.

Here you can hear for yourself the intellectual powerhouse continually knocking the Tea Party member for destroying America and American politics but intellectuals don't usually go viral when attacking ignorance and I believe that he knew the impact his casual cursing was going to cause.

Sadly it is a question that I have never asked the Irish President, it reminds me of the time his friend Martin Sheen playing President Bartlett in the tv series The West Wing attacked his Republican opponent which was caught on a camera he (wink wink) didn't know was still recording.

TV president Martin Sheen said something controversial on a hot mic but strangely not as controversial as Trump's Access Hollywood, "Grab em by the pussy" hot mic comment and even when Trump uses a gun metaphor he manages to cock it up. Trump said that America was "Cocked and loaded."

We have all seen pictures of George Bush jr holding a phone upside down which clearly wasn't a good look never mind a good call but did you know that photo was photoshopped?

Regardless of which way you hold a phone, Trump's phone calls are anything but normal and in the words of George W Bush,

"That's some weird shit."

It's time we Get Smart, that would be a long overdue "Good Call."

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