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Going out of fashion

With all the fashion sense of Jeremy Clarkson and the average guy, I know I am not a fashion expert but for anyone in Athlone, I think it is worth popping into Just For You Boutique on Church Street.

Living in Madrid, there are many clothes shops to choose from but just like in Athlone, I find myself in Primark.

The Pennies store in Madrid is impressive with five floors to choose from and it attracts many tourists to visit it when in Spain.

More of a fashion show than just a little boutique, I took some pictures in Just For You with a fashionable friend Alicja Kantowska as my model for some portfolio practice pictures.

I met the owner Ewa Dasiak who brought dress after dress to Alicja as they picked out outfits from the racks and I was so disappointed to learn that this beautiful boutique is now closing.

For whatever reason Just For You is closing, I hope there will be a new opening in the future and that small businesses closing isn't going to be all the fashion, this fall. Just For You is currently closing down this week with massive reductions advertised on Facebook so do check them out if you get the chance and wish Ewa well for the future.

TRENDSETTER: Ahead of the curve Alicja wearing a mask before they were ever fashionable.

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