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Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Has Boris Johnson learnt nothing over the years?

Years ago, I used to look at Theresa May and wonder when she was going to do her Brexit homework. I used to joke that it was like waiting for a "My dog ate it" excuse to come as the difficulties of such complicated negociations seem to escape those whose desk it falls on.

Yes Boris Johnson and Theresa May both put up their hands and said they wanted this assignment and after praying for distraction after distraction after distraction Boris Simpson seems to have gotten anther pass as the only test he seems to be able to pass is for Coronavirus.

The seating arrangemet in school will clearly need to be looked at again as Brexit constinues to suck people in and I always think it is worth pointing out that the first casuality of Brexit was a Prime Minister. His succesor didn't exactly succeed and now we are left with Bart Johnson running the nuclear power plant.

It's a good thing Windscale has such a safe track-record because I seriously worry about this boy and I don't care what school he went to. His Brexit homework was due over a year ago and I wonder about nuclear safety in Europe post-Brexit when you look at the way they handle things.

Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have both contracted Coronavirus and the first time round, it reminded me of the time Homer Simpson and his son faked their own deaths to get out of work and school.

Boris Simpson has to address Brexit sooner or later as it has dragged half of Europe down.

I can't imagine how negative an impact Brexit must be on English education for example as international students don't know if they are coming or going.

Research and Development, and the sciences will probably be badly effected as people need to invest in the future yet five years have been wasted waiting for Boris to pass Theresa May's low standards.

I hope Boris Johnson gets better soon because his handling of Coronavirus is not encouraging.

Superspreader Donald Trump believes he is immune from Coronavirus but why are these men constantly exposing themselves to herd immunity? Is it just a hoax to get out of work?

There are much bigger dangers than Coronavirus but I don't trust either Johnson or Trump to put the work in and I feel like Boris Simpson is just praying for a snowday and for Brexit to just go away.

ROLLERCOASTER: Headlines in The Guardian show snow on it's way for Boris Simpson to finally study for Brexit.

The Mayor of London should declare a special day for any excuse that helps Johnson out.

HISTORICAL DATES: Deadlines have come and go but Brexit still hasn't been done yet.

No man is an island but both Bart and Boris have a book report due on Brexit.

I'm no Hemingway but I really think we need to check the accuracy of this book report that's due.

The end is near I know but I'd prefer if Boris Johnson wasn't acting like a Simpson's caricature.

WAITING FOR A MELTDOWN: Boris Johnson is known for his comical disappearing act but I'll leave it to real Simpsons Fans to paint the picture of Boris Simpson getting Brexit done in Sector 7G.

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