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Follow that Taxi

Last month I wrote a story about the Irish President recognising a friend of mine and remembering her name https://www.nohemingway.com/blog/welcome-to-athlone which I thought was impressive.

Today I got in a taxi which my academy had ordered for me, I hopped in a large cab maybe a Renault or Dacia, I’m not sure and I decided to start a little conversation with the driver after explaining where I wanted to go.

“¿Como estás?" I asked him, what’s your name? “Javier” he responded.

Then he told me that he remembered me, “¿Que?” I said surprised. Irish people will always find someone they know but I was impressed by the 60 year old Spanish driver's incredible memory.

“Te recuerdo pelirojo” I remember your red hair he said. It’s blonde-ish, mousy blonde, whatever.

I collected you from San Luis de Los Franceses, he continued and it was true, that was the name of the place I had been working last year and then I had to drive you to Getafe he said, sounded right but not quite the right direction but I couldn’t remember where exactly when he said, “Parla” which was the place where I had bought a car and had to go there to collect it from the mechanics after immediacy having problems with the second hand car, the very first week that I bought it.

Then he went onto say that it was an Alfa Romeo despite never seeing my car.

We continued talking about the problems with buying second hand cars and Alfas in particular and when he dropped me off, I had time for a quick selfie with mi taxista Javier.

He made my day. €12 for the trip and €3 for a tip but his memory was absolutely priceless.

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