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Fly away with us

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Well Parasail away with us

Anna and I took a short holiday flight while many people are grounded this Summer and the experience was absolutely fantastic.

After a morning's jet-skiing Anna enquired about Parasailing and got a great deal on a Jet-ski/ Parasail combo which I thought was fantastic value.

We boarded the speedboat and headed out for a couple of hours at sea and while masks are mandatory in Spain, our boatload of tourists didn't seem aware that Coronavirus isn't on holiday as many of them lowered their masks and removed them altogether.

As we boarded, I could see a French family where the mother was wearing a mask but the father and son were not.

The crew didn't remind them of the need to wear masks and despite the obvious fact that they were from France, they infected others with the idea that masks are unnessary and others removed theirs.

Coronavirus is not on holiday in Spain but Covid-19 is having a field day with the ease in which people have let down their guard too often and too easily.

It is great to enjoy the sea breeze from a parasail but as long as Covid is in the air, I think I will keep my facemask on while surrounded by strangers at sea.

Waving through the waves, Hola Olas

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