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Fix BREXIT or Fix Bayonets

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Nothing says democracy like men with machine guns

Listening to a debate in Westminster I was surprised when they announced the deployment of 3500 soldiers.

Incredibly vague, they said that there would be 3500 soldiers made available for ANY GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT that needed them. I am wondering if the NHS will use the soldiers as auxiliary nurses and cleaners?

Will the Environment ask the 3500 soldiers who are being made available to help recycle or clean up beaches? Will Pensions ask the soldiers to act as accountants and secretaries?

Or will the 3500 soldiers available for any department be used to enforce the Brexit referendum on the people?

Will they be sent to Northern Ireland to act as a border and will Europe send 3500 soldiers to man this crazy Checkpoint Charlie chess set of pawns?

Are they deploying 3500 soldiers to the Mexican border like Trump did prior to the 2018 Midterm Elections? Certainly the expensive mobilisation of troops to Mexico worked well for Trump but he had a place to put his toy soldiers. Where will Theresa May place her prop pieces?

Are we looking at the start of Marshall Law?

Has England finally realised that American Independence, Irish Independence, Indian Independence and the future Scottish Independence were all looking for independence from England and not Europe?

What will happen when 3500 soldiers are deployed to enforce laws on British streets like they did in Northern Ireland before the Good Friday Agreement was agreed and what happens when they shred that very peace agreement when exiting Europe?

I am guessing nothing at all but just like the film V for Vendetta, I am predicting a lot of men, women and children will put on their Guy Fawkes masks and take to the streets.

3500 soldiers armed to the teeth will need to be deployed at ports and airports when the public and truck drivers are told that they are going nowhere and they should have thought about visiting their son in the sun before voting or bought what medicines they needed before a Hard BREXIT.

3500 soldiers is quite possibly the start of several thousand soldiers being deployed which will create employment opportunities as they march towards April Fools’ Day 2019.

What camouflage will they wear? Chav Burberry or yellow vests like in France?

All I know is the government wants soldiers ready, we don’t know why or where they will be deployed or if they will have permission to open fire?

Happy New Year England, enjoy your last taste of Champagne.

And when Great Britain mobilises its armed forces in England how long will it be before there is an invasion of troops in Norther Ireland?

What will be left of the peace agreement when European agreements are shredded to bits?

For Queen and Country

Nothing says that they are listening to the people than readying 3500 soldiers for BREXIT and respecting people’s rights by deploying the troops and Marshall Law.

Nothing says democracy like men with machine guns on the streets.

3500 soldiers will apparently help any government department that needs them, reassuring news to anyone who has ever wanted British troops stationed in their cities and towns while the British government figures out what to do.

3500 soldiers will help any department but will that mean helping the NHS? How about Education or the Environment? I am guessing these soldiers will be armed and not acting as nurses or truck drivers or construction workers.

3500 people might pamphlet people that this is exactly what they voted for when they voted for BREXIT and that they should keep calm and carry on, or else.

LETHAL WEAPON: England prepares to shoot themselves in the foot.

What chain reaction will BREXIT unleash? What will happen in ports, airports and hospitals?

What will happen to Europeans living in England and the 5 million Brits living in Europe. Will they have access to healthcare and university places? Will European truck drivers be allowed cross the border with fruit and vegetables and medicines? How will Sellafield's MOX plant dispose of European nuclear waste?

BREXIT will probably kick off a chain reaction one way or another, all we can do is wait and see what happens on April Fools' Day when stock markets drop with the uncertainty of BREXIT.

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