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First Lady Macbeth

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

A friend posted on Facebook that I am biased and full of hate towards Melania Trump after I called her a disgusting woman for her Christmas comments and mocking migrant children in concentration camps. I don't know the latest Mrs Trump personally but I have never liked anything I have seen. Have you?

The best description I ever heard to describe MacBeth when I was in school was that he was "not good nor bad but human." First Lady Macbeth on the other hand continually disappoints as I search for the good within her.

This audio complaining about Christmas and children in concentration camps is the only honest unscripted response I have to base my opinions on. She is lauded as speaking five langugaes fluently but her English is terrible considering that she is loved by people who shout "Speak English" to every Spanish speaker they hear.

She acts like a migrant hating mouth piece for her bully husband while promoting her BeBest nonsense. She is a model who can't smile and fills the White House with red Christmas trees and cuts down actual trees planted by former First Ladies. Trump has claimed a "War on Christmas" and that the Obamas never said, "Happy Christmas" etc.

She is not asked to check each and every lightbulb in the White House, she just needs to deligate the decorations and design.

She acts like she is the victim when talking about the children in concentration camps.

Seriously, all she had to do was go there. Not wear that "I don't care do you jacket" and not complain about meeting migrant children. Everything I know about this woman offends the senses and I try to separare her from the pussy grabber she married and the deplorables who wanted to Lock Up her predecessor Hillary Clinton and called Michelle Obama "an ape in heels." Without a smile, I can't see how anyone would buy anything she was modelling even though I haven't seen many pictures of her wearing much more than a pair of heels.

Well, accept when she was pictured eating jewellry and handcuffed naked on a Trump plane. I don't see this model as a role model and despite being a mother, I rarely see her acting in anyway motherly except when she claims to be hiding in Trump Tower because her son is in school. I don't believe she is even eligible for a Green Card or her Einstein Visa. Her college degree can't be confirmed so I have serious doubts if we can trust any convenient claims that she has Covid-19.

There is so little good that I can see in her as an individual but I am biased about her position and privilidge. I liked that blue Tiffany blue dress she wore to the inaugeration, that was nice but apart from that, the only positive redeeming quality is that she comes from the same country as a friend of mine.

Really, Eva Braun smiled and was very athletic and Lady Macbeth had to transform into her inhumane role. I will take any quality into account because we are all much more than the opinions of others but I haven't seen any redeeming qualities except how she smiles at funerals. Have you?

Seriously, comment below if you know of something I missed or a quality you appreciate or even ask me to say something positive about the worst of the worst. Hitler for example was an artist, Jack the Ripper, worked fast and Stalin had his plans.

Even Jeffrey Dahmer was experimenting with lobotamising his victims so they didn't feel any pain in thei zombie-like state.

While I can't imagine this experimetation helped in anyway and was actually terribly painful and cruel, at least the Milwakee Canibal tried to consider his victims' feelings.

P.S. Where is Barron Von Trump, everyone is talking about his parents being in hospital, where is he?

SSSSSSSShhh: Melania's secret audio. (Apologies that it has commentary with it and is not raw)

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