• Morgan Fagg

Are fascists really that bad?

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

People need to realise that fascists aren’t all bad. Fascists are ordinary hard-working people, just like you and me, they love their country, just like you and me.

They have concerns about issues, just like you and me. Leftist liberals have their concerns and so does the extreme right. Fascists are interested in law and democracy, just like you and me. They are interested in policies, policing and community, just like you and me.

Fascists make mistakes, just like you and me, fascists want their voice to be heard, just like you and me. Fascists invest in organisations, becoming bolder and bolder, sociopaths and sycophants rise through the ranks, unethical behaviour begins. Taboos shift, employers start asking what your religion is, homosexuality is not questioned as gay people have been arrested and removed. Women take sexy sixties secretarial roles where they are seen but not heard.

Elections are decided internally with 100% approval, security follows leaders who will not be questioned by you and me, You and I lose our freedoms just like your family and mine.

You and I try to embrace our new lives yet it eats at you and me. This is not who we are, certainly not who we were. You and I remember when we felt freer and less controlled. We remember the times when we didn’t resist and the time we didn’t speak up for inequality, sexual assault and racism, you and I remember seeing fascism as harmless and only focused on the things we agreed with and not the bad points. We believed the lies and now have to live with the surprise.

Please, fascism is not for you and me, fascists aren’t all bad but fascism never ends well and I am not just talking about you and me.

Side effects may include:

Hatred and violence, unwillingness to hear other voices, control of the government for own gain with no oversight of army, police or prison camps. Extreme corruption leading to extreme wealth generation at the expense of others. Marginalized groups and ethnic cleansing. Trains full of people displaced from their homes. The country at a standstill fighting itself until the more aggressive side wins. Loses all round, production stops, questioning stops, praying to the leader begins and preying on others never ends. Why did you and I ever tolerate totalitarianism?

IRONGLAD: History will appreciate those of us who stand our ground.

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