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Fall 2020

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Fashions change and this year masks have become all the rage as people have been forced to wear them while shopping but before you complain about the fabric on your face, take a second to think of the shops that we have lost to Coronavirus and the businesses that cannot afford to sell Spring/Summer collections this Fall.

I say Fall because it sounds much more appropriate considering the difficulties local businesses must be facing at the moment, after six months of closures and restrictions where customers are not inclined to spend money or try on clothes.

The only things that are flying off the shelves at the moment are surgical masks and businesses must be sick of it. When I learnt of a local business in Athlone that is closing down, I was disappointed but wondered when customers would get the chance to wear these beautiful gowns and dresses.

Surgical gowns and disposable gloves have sold out while shops have had to spend money on retro-fitting their premises with signage and plastic barriers as customers with less money than ever before have probably been encouraged more and more to shop online.

I am not sure that trying on dresses for graduations and formal events is a priority for many people when pajamas have become the quintessential definition of "Eveningwear " this year.

As one beautiful boutique closes on Church Street this week, I hope that it is not the latest fashion for Autumn 2020 and that the Fall collection ends with more people wearing masks.

Just For You Boutique on Church Street closed today but hopefully, there will be a comeback next season and people can return to their normal casual look, as soon as possible.

50 Shades of Grey’s Anatomy: Alicja Kantowska trying on a Venitian mask in Just For You in 2011.

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