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It was a night before Christmas and all through the castle, carols could be heard.

Updated: Dec 29, 2018


It was a night before Christmas and all through the castle, carols could be heard as people partied and danced and enjoyed the Winter Solstice wedding of Paul and Fiona Walshe.

It was the Winter Solstice 15 years ago when the Fagg clan gathered in a castle to celebrate Fiona’s fairytale wedding to Paul Walshe and dad gave me his camera to take a few snaps.

Victor had borrowed my good grey suit and Tina my cheap Santa costume which made her look even more regal in the castle setting. Kinnitty was the beautiful setting for the wedding where Ozzy Osbourne’s eldest son was also getting married there a few days later.

Dressed in a suit of armour a very unresponsive waiter greeted us at the entrance with a sword and later on another sword was slicing the Wedding Christmas Cake as people danced in their Santa hats as Peter and Mary took to the stage.

It was a different time when most of our partners spoke fluent German, Dino was but a pup, I had a beard and was running for the local elections and Sean Charlie, Tessa and Fiadh were many Christmases away but their little beloved shitzu Dino was the first sign of the pitter patter of many little feet to come.

Jenny and Claudia returned to Germany and Austria and over the years we said goodbye to more than just little Dino. Within a few years we said goodbye to Fiona’s godmother Vera and to her sister Betty, our uncle Gregory and our gran aunt Tony.

Our grandmother Liz passed away one week before her 90th birthday and last Christmas, our aunt Anne who was actually married to Paul’s cousin was in hospital, passing away later surrounded by her siblings and husband.

Apologies for sounding a bit morbid and more like Four Funerals and a Wedding but we must remember our loved ones who we have lost and remember the decade and half anniversary is a milestone for any family. I am miles away in Spain and have been since the Financial Crisis but if your house is your castle then Fiona and Paul have built well on the foundations of their Kinnitty Castle wedding and have had two princes and two little princesses so they can all live happily ever after together.

It was a magical night in Kinnitty Castle with both friends and family.

Congratulations Paul and Fiona on your anniversary and well done once again on the fairytale wedding. There were birds of prey on display, knights in armour, carol singing and even some fireworks flying through the air. Almost 50 years married, we will have to celebrate our own parents' anniversary this year when they reach their Golden Wedding Anniversary but for now, let's raise a glass of champagne and celebrate your clear and sparkling Crystal Anniversary.

FIT FOR A KING & QUEEN: ladies and gentlemen please take your thrones.

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