• Morgan Fagg

What an explosive revelation?

Whenever I watch tv with my girlfriend and a car explodes, I usually say to her that cars don't explode like that. Obviously, I mention the Ford Pinto as an exception to the rule but in general, it takes a lot for a car to explode and if they did, we probably wouldn't buy them or drive them.

Many years ago while driving home from a nightclub with some friends, we hit something on the road and had to stop to see what it was. It turned out to be the front bumper of a black Renault 19 so we swung around to see if there was anything else to this bumper on the road and found a black Renault crashed into a telephone pole.

Driving closer, my friend who was driving asked anther friend if there was anyone in the car and he said, "There's someone in it" or words to that effect.

We got out, went to the driver's aid, and called for an ambulance.

He was slumped across the front seats and I thought it was best not to move him unless absolutely necessary and we watched him drifting in and out of consciousness but tried to keep him talking.

It felt like forever before the ambulance arrived and we did see what looked like an ambulance approaching in the distance but it was only a minibus which stopped to have a look.

While my friends and I were monitoring the driver's vitals, the onlookers had gathered and one man, according to my friend, put out a cigarette by the rear of the car where there was a fuel leak.

I am here today because it was a diesel car and diesel has a high flash point compared to petrol but unless someone puts a cigarette into the fuel tank or uses explosives or something extreme, cars don't generally explode like depicted on television even though we have seen a lot of Lamborghinis and Ferraris on fire recently.

Cars don't normally explode but Trump's latest statement about forest fires is certainly explosive.

Telephone poles in Ireland aren't as dry as Trump's trees in California but maybe Hollywood has just been depicting cars hitting exploding trees all this time and not cars exploding when they crash.

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