• Morgan Fagg

Everyone has a Momma

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Everyone has a momma who worries and grieves

When the brave men put on their combat gloves,

when all that is required is a hug and a little love

When they load their tear gas canisters

and aim rubber bullets at your head

When they put on their helmets

and say “I can’t hear you.”

We need to listen to George Floyd’s last words

“Momma I can’t breathe”

Seconds before he joined her in the afterlife,

he hurt everywhere and said “Momma I can’t breathe”

Americans are choking on the tears and the gas

during a pandemic that has taken 100,000 lives

“Momma I can’t breathe”

We need the police to see what he means

Where are their mommas in this fight?

Are they socially distancing or cleaning house?

Now is not the time to wash your hands

Where are their momma’s in this fight?

I am calling out to you, discipline your child

Are they circling the wagons and loading guns

We need mommas in this fight

especially those who are white

Women who have watched from the sidelines

as the police have continually crossed the line

Momma America can’t breathe

we need you as a human shield

June 6th 2020

HEY YOU GUYS: The good guys and bad guys have mommas, I hope they aren't telling kids to look the other way. Anne Ramsey above playing Mama Fratelli in the 1985 film The Goonies.

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