• Morgan Fagg

Covid-19 is the Jeffrey Epstein of viruses

Coronavirus is not like the common flu as we were first told but it is not as deadly as some other viruses and that’s what makes it so dangerous and I see it as being the Jeffrey Epstein of viruses.

Jeffrey Epstein did not rape and kill women but if he did, he probably would have been caught and stopped much sooner and it is the same for viruses like Ebola. Ebola is so dangerous that many people who were infected with it, quickly died before having a chance to pass it on to their families.

Coronavirus, on the other hand, can take a long time to show symptoms and in that time, people will naturally pass it to other people who will pass it on to other people who will pass it to others.

Jeffrey Epstein preyed on teenage girls and was facilitated in his perversion by his friends as well as the victims themselves who were paid to introduce their own friends to Epstein and Gislaine Maxwell.

If Epstein killed his victims, that would be the end of it, they would be silenced forever but he was a wealthy man who knew that $200 goes a long way when spreading his disease in the community and teenage girls were apparently paid $200 for a massage that then turned into a naked massage and then turned into something more.

He could effort to pay more, of course, but these naive girls received his dirty money and were often encouraged to introduce him to their friends where they could receive $200 for the referral.

Girls introduced other girls who introduced other girls and he spread his wealth across various locations Miami, Florida, New York, and his own perverted island.

Some of these Epstein epicentres have now become Coronavirus hotspots and much like Covid-19, he infected people in the White House and one of Queen Elizabeth’s sons in England.

If he had killed these teenagers or violently raped them then authorities might have had to act sooner and there is no masking how badly senior figures in law enforcement acted when dealing with the Epstein virus.

Epstein was a sick man who eventually died of unnatural causes in the most suspicious of ways but had he been a Jack the Ripper or a serial killer like Ted Bundy than we might have expected him to have received the death penalty for his crimes.

He was not a threat like AIDS, Measles, etc and Coronavirus is not as deadly as many other forms of diseases such as Ebola but the longer we act, the longer we allow the spread of this disease in the community and the question we have to ask parents since we know where Donald Trump’s loyalties lie on this matter is, Do you want Jeffrey Epstein or Coronavirus in your schools?

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