• Morgan Fagg

The Emergency Exit Aisle

Updated: May 28, 2019

Side by side, three grown men,

crouched together and complained,

before the Aer Lingus stewardess

offered two of us seats in the emergency aisle

From the right side I looked out the window

and he looked out of his side.

Outstretched in comfy couches,

three seats each in the emergency exit aisle

I listened as his engined made noise,

mine hummed perfectly from outside,

I smiled knowing my engine was fine,

the brief moment’s happiness vaporised

and the realisation, his engine is also mine.

My Right Wing view of the world

better consider his Left Wing world,

politics aside, no time to cross the aisle

together we could die, if his engined continued it’s whine.

In life we are all together,

put in the same boat,

with lifejackets to keep us afloat,

his engine is paired to mine.

No Celtic Tiger, Recession,

famine or family left behind,

his engine is mine and we would both arrive at the same time.

My selfish Right Wing view

though together we flew,

this stranger presented no danger,

birds of a feather must flock together,

we all go down with the same ship,

women and children first,

his engine is mine.

This man across the aisle,

he has his struggles

and I have mine

buy him a coffee

or give him a smile,

he is my neighbour,

although he is a stranger.

Help him when his engine fails

and flames engulf his side of the plane,

the man is apart of humanity

and I must do my part to help society.

His engine is mine though it is on the other side,

my engine is better than his, of course

but a jockey is nothing without his horse.

Carry me home, twin engined plane,

carry the hopes of all those onboard.

Balance my view from the emergency isle

as we rise to the highest heights

or plunge to the lowest lows.

Just some crazy thoughts,

listening to a noisy Left Wing motor.

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