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Drop of Blood

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone, I hope you are well and safe and surviving the quarantine imposed on us by the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Even if Guinness doesn't flow through your veins like us Irish, I do want to highlight the drop of blood that I am sure blood banks are experiencing right now.

Everyone has had to shut their door on the outside world and is trying to avoid hospitals unless absolutely necessary but last week I saw an inspirational video on Instagram from Ramon Vailon.

Ramon posted a video on Instagram in which he highlighted the need for people to give blood during these difficult times and I can't imagine how important it is for some brave people to roll up their sleeves and help out.

Guinness is good for you and in the past, people were given a bottle of Guinness after donating blood.

I am not sure when the tradition stopped but the idea behind it was simple. Guinness has a lot of iron it and it was good for people who needed extra iron in their diet.

Today it is unimaginable to give a woman a pint of Guinness when she is pregnant but Guinness is good for you like their classic advertisement slogans pointed out.

Swapping pints of blood for Guinness made sense even if he seriously affected your blood alcohol level. It is still possible to donate blood in Ireland and even on Saint Patrick's Day in Puerto del Sol, El Cruz Rojo (Red Cross) were still prepared to receive necessary blood donations despite the Lockdown in Madrid.

Ramon Vailon is no stranger to Guinness as I believe he earned himself a Guinness World Record for jet-skiing all around Spain.

We will all need some pints of Guinness when this is all over but for now, let's hope those who need pints of blood, are getting them when they need them most.

Stay safe this Saint Patrick's Day but luck out for each other and consider sharing some pints ASAP.

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