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Putin put in protective clothing

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Vladimir Putin changes his look and shows leadership as a role model.

While Boris Johnson forms "Herd Immunity" all on his own and Donald Trump tries to pack people into churches before this pandemic peeks; Vladimir Putin dresses for success in a full Hazmat Suit available from Hoffman's Hollywood Haberdashery.

Vladimir Putin looked elegant and chic modeling the latest line of Hazmat Suits available from Hoffman & Freeman.

Dustin Hoffman and Morgan Freeman first teamed up a quarter of a century ago to model yellow protective suits which are starting to become all the rage amongst celebrities and trendsetters.

Naomi Campbell once said that she wouldn't get out of bed for less than 10,000 but now the supermodel has started to scrub all surfaces around her clean and even wore protective clothes while travelling on planes.

Clearly a departure from her normal look and role as a model.

Role model, Vladimir Putin is not known to model clothes from the waist up and his latest outfit makes a big change for the Russian topless model.

While the 67-year-old Soviet star is unlikely to be Russia's Next Top Model, he will probably take the tiara as Russian President in the next election which will probably be hosted by Steve Harvey.

Compared to his counterparts in London and Washington, Mr. Russia is looking good wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Role models in London have had to distance themselves from the public and Prime Minister Boris Johnson clearly needs to make some urgent hair appointments while Donald Trump appears to be applying his own makeup in a hurry.

The fashion police are unlikely to target the ex-KGB Colonel for any fashion fails as his yellow Hazmat Suit offers a practical everyday look with a retro Hollywood.

His outfit was paired with matching blue gloves available from Hoffman's Pharmacy.

This look is expected to last but is a drastic departure from the Milan Fashion Week 2020 where models walked down the catwalk without anyone in attendance.

Things in Northern Italy haven't been pretty with this pandemic but that doesn't mean that you can't be. Sadly the old compliment that, "You'd look good wearing a binliner" has become an awful reality for nurses and doctors who have been reduced to wearing plastic bin bags as Personal Protective Equipment and clothing has sold out faster than stores can stock these white-hot items.

Hopefully, bodybags won't be offered to these hardworking heroes who are reduced to wearing PPE clothing all day long and makeshift bin bags.

Hopefully, this is all just a fade that will be forgotten by the Summer season.

Simpler Times:

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