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Don't give up the Ghost just yet (E.P.F.)

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

(Follow up from: https://www.nohemingway.com/blog/hate-to-rain-on-your-parade)

I have just written about this year's European Festival parade and was disappointed that our colourful entry didn't do better but instead of suggesting we should be more lively, I think we should actually be far less lively. The parade points were judged on Atmosphere, Costumes and Originality which makes me think we should banish Saint Patrick with the snakes and return to our pagan past.

With Clonmacnoise so close to Athlone, we could dress as Vikings and Brian Boru but I think the Viking and kilt wearing look have already been taken so let's go back in time before Saint Ciaran of Clonmacnoise and Saint Patrick himself and look at the part of Irish culture that is well, dead.

Even in death the Irish still tell stories and it is the tradition of Hallowe'en I think we could embrace. If there are marks for Atmosphere, Costumes and Originality in next year's festival than why not recycle our Halloween costumes and add an unusual theme to next year's parade.

Many Europeans that I have talked with, don't realise that tales of Dracula, Dorian Gray and ghosts and ghouls at All Hallow's Eve are all Irish tales and while it might be difficult to incorporate this into a July parade without feeling out of place, people love Halloween and as long as we have plenty of Athlone Sweets to hand out to any children trick or treating along the way will be in for a nice surprise. Let's take Halloween back from Hollywood and have some fun along the way.

Can I suggest a little Ghostbusters music, "Who you gonna call, Athlone" to the mix and suddenly those green Frankenstein and Hulk costumes become as patriotic as any Saint Patrick or Leprechaun outfit.

Don't think I'm knocking Saint Patrick or Leprechauns as I clearly demonstrated in the parade in Luxembourg in 2003, I'm the biggest Little Person around when it comes to donning a giant Leprechaun costume.

Costumes, check; Originality, oh yes and as for Atmosphere, well we mightn't be as lively as other years but at least we will have some spirit.

Sadly, Europe is very focused on Halloween at the moment as Brexit rapidly approaches and who knows what horrors lie waiting for all of us. Let's not give up the ghost just yet when it comes to parade and let's hope we aren't seeing a Scotland R.I.P. sign where the kilts and bagpipes once danced and played.

At least when it comes to suggesting Halloween costumes as a novelty idea, I have already dived right in with this idea and brought a pirate costume to the Swimming Competition, they don't call me Captain Morgan just because I'm full of rum you know. Pick your costume wisely this year, don't all dress as Boris Johnson and who knows maybe we will find a little life and points when it comes to parading around Europe in the future.

I'll have you all hooked on the idea by Halloween. Rrrr

While my wardrobe mostly consists of capes, demonic cloaks, a bear outfit and pirate costumes, I've worn many hats over the years and here is a look at some of my outfits in and around Halloween in an article called, The Bear, The Witch and My Wardrobe https://www.nohemingway.com/blog/fancy-dress

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