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Does Trump measure up?

President Trump towers over me at 6´3" (1.9m), the man is tall and I'll admit that but the question is how tall is he? Tall yes but that tall? Trump is known to lie about the most basic of details that can easily be fact checked but he continues to lie about them and at the G7 Summit in Biarritz people started to notice that Justin Trudeu at 6´2" (1.88) seems to tower over the 6´3" Frankenstein monster.

Lying about height is nothing new and he admitted that Trump Tower is actually ten floors less then claimed.

The 58 storey building claims to have 68 floors and I believe the 20th to 30th floors are the missing floors which have been renamed as the 30th floor upwards.

Having never been to New York, I can't say which floors are non-existent but I would be tempted to push all the elevator buttons from 20-30 to see what happens and encourage all you big kids to do the same when visiting Trump Tower.

Trump is not 68 storeys high, he is probably just high on Adderall and he probably isn't 6´3" either.

Trump is taller than everyone else and his building is the tallest or has the most buttons in it's elevators but when I looked at the G7 Summit in Biarritz, I couldn't help but notice that the lines on the backdrop looked a little like a police line-up and maybe it is an idea that each politician is asked their height before standing on stage and that the audience can clearly see the height markings and each politician's actual height.

We can clearly see who is not accurate in communicating the most basic details and the world would probably see that Trump doesn't measure up even though he certainly does round up.

I'm 5´8" but I would never say I was 6´8" like I was Trump Tower and this is the problem with Trump's lies, we now know that his doctors aren't trustworthy either when we see him next to Trudeu.

Trump even bragged about the size of his appendage during the Presidential campaign which we have since discovered from porn star Stormy Daniels looks like the mushroom from Super Mario which was not the kind of plumbing I was expecting to hear about in this political sewer he calls a swamp.

Maybe Melania would be much happier with a man a few inches smaller than Trump claims he is.

Maybe RealDonaldJTrump is chasing his shadow but the world is wondering if he will ever grow up.

NY TIMES: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/02/nyregion/donald-trump-tower-heights.html

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BRITISH ENGLISH Vs AMERICAN ENGLISH: In this story I was tempted to write story for storey and stories for storeys as I am writing about American buildings but decided to stick with English English as I don't speak American.

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