• Morgan Fagg

For whom the BREXIT Bells toll​

You are cordially invited to the BREXIT Divorce Bill

Your participation is requested on Friday 29th of March

for the event of the century.

Terms and conditions TBC

We have invited 27 guests

who we hope won’t object

to this exciting new union

Please don’t be late

There will be lots of cake

you can have it and eat it

Great Britain will be great

This shotgun divorce

people’s opinions forced

3500 soldiers deployed

of course

There will be face painting for the Scots and William Wallace kilts galore

You might take their Union but you will never take them out of Europe

Scotland and Northern Ireland aligned to Great Ireland and Great Scotland

50 days to organise the divorce of a lifetime

Set the date

Make a cake

Build a border

Reinforce Gibraltar

Make Britain Great Again

Separate homes for partners not okayed by the UK, 50 days to organise a divorce

Children of broken unions

Will they be able to attend university?

Order KFC, Donald Trump made it look great

but what about last year’s KFC gate?

Your company is requested on the Day

if your company hasn’t already left the country

Fun for all, as England finds out who is laughing with them

please remember the date

The weekend of March 29th

and the headache of April Fools’ Day

when the banks return to work on the market

There will be cake and you can eat it too

B.Y.O.C. (Bring your own Champagne)

BREXIT TEARS: Headaches and heartache as the Honeymoon comes to an end.

CHECKING OUT: Theresa and Boris are leaving Europe in a mess that's for sure.

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