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What’s so confusing about a cow account?

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

While watching the Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight, sorry let me rephrase that, while watching the Late Show with my girlfriend and an unusual story was mentioned about Republican politician Devin Nunes who is suing Twitter for $250 million and I started laughing saying that the story was very funny as Nunes was suing a cow and I was even following the cow on Twitter.

People are having a FIELD DAY with this

My girlfriend gave me a strange look, not sure that she had heard me right. English is her second language after all and then she heard Stephen Colbert talking about parody accounts that were making fun of the little weasel Devin Nunes who showed no sign of intelligence while heading the Intelligence Committee.

My girlfriend heard that it was a parody account and looked at me and said, “I thought you said A COW and not account.”

Poor Spanish speakers are always trying to make sense out of the crazy nonsense politicians say. I said cow because Nunes is suing an account called Devin Nunes Cow.

When I said cow, I meant a cow. It is not an actual cow but I did say cow but what I didn’t realise at the time was, Devin Nunes is suing @DevinCow and another account called @DevinNunesMom where Devin Nunces Mom said some nasty things about the naughty Nunces.


Anna and I fell on the floor laughing at the COW ACCOUNT story.

Former head of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, he is behind the Nunes Memo.

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