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Denia, A Final Voyage

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

In memory of Anna's mum who passed away in August.

While I have only known Marianna since 2014, we have shared some stories and I feel like I have gotten to know at least some of her life and was saddened to be there as her family had to say goodbye to her.

Going back over 100 years, her grandfather was an official when revolution broke out in Russia and he fled to Greece, her parents were Greek and Bulgarian and she was born in the beautiful city of Plovdiv in Bulgaria which I got to see last year at her niece’s wedding.

She was born in Bulgaria but she didn’t stay in Plovdiv forever and lived in Kenya where she learnt English, she also lived and worked in Libya where Anna was born and she settled in Spain.

She worked in Madrid and retired to Torrevieja.

She passed away on Sunday the 11th of August and was cremated on Tuesday the 13th.

We didn’t always agree with each other but I shared my photography with her and she shared some of her stories in return. Wonderful stories some about a young Anita growing up.

One picture I know she enjoyed and made her smile was of an old phone box in Plovdiv, taken on my trip to Bulgaria last year.

Her husband, a surgeon died some 23 years ago and like Mariana today we would say he died young. Mariana turned 69 two days before she died, leaving behind two children and her granddaughter Tatiana.

She will be deeply missed.

JUST MARRIED: Her niece Asya getting married in the beautiful city of Plovdiv.

RED CARPET: Darren & Asya, Cristo wearing my green tie and an old vandalised phone.

FAMILY PHOTO: Anna taking a picture of Cristo, Marie Jose and Tatiana in Plovdiv.

AT PEACE IN DENIA: A family farewell.

Tatiana's Communion: Marianna with Tatiana and Tatiana's tia Anna.

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