• Morgan Fagg


Updated: Apr 4, 2020

At 8 O'clock the fruit and veg shut its doors

and the street began to shake,

as the shutters shuck in the wake,

it was not thunder, I had a look

It was my neighbours,

clapping and applauding,

a standing ovation,

for those who go to work

A patrol car put on its lights

and the siren sang out

The policemen clapped

and an ambulance stopped

The quiet street was now alive

a crescendo of clapping

and singing, but some of

my neighbours will die

This evening or tonight

these figures are unbelievably high

will we see mourning in the morning?

This ain’t no bullfight

but if I was to die for my sins tonight

I am glad I got to see

my neighbours on their balconies

celebrating emergency services

This clapping echoing around the world

first heard in Italy and now in Spain

Shout it from the

rooftops and the balconies

I AM ALIVE this evening

Though a dark death

has returned to the streets of Europe

We will see the light, we have to fight

and soon the virus’s end will be in sight.

Morgan Fagg en Madrid

April Fools’ Day 2020

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