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COVID-19 This is not a drill

I heard today on CNN that the US and South Korea are postponing their joint military drill.

This makes a lot of sense but America wanted to scale down the event and not cancel it.

This is not a drill, cancel your paintballing event, cancel your war games, dress up another day.

If you want to use your time and resources wisely, how about a biological warfare simulation?

As Iran cancels Friday Prayer, Trump appoints Vice President Mike Pence to fight a plague with prayer, we have to remember that there is an actual plague of locusts for Mike to fight but this emergency requires real leadership and not the kind of religious bigotry that saw the spread of HIV in Indiana when Mike Pence was Governor.

This is not a drill, this can be contained, we can move on from this quickly but war games aren’t needed when American and South Korean soldiers are being diagnosed with Covid-19.

We don't need Mike Pence forcing soldiers to their knees, to pray away this disease.

I am not saying that Mike Pence will actually pray away the problem but let's face it, that's how Republicans have tackled every mass shooting in America even those that take place in God's house.

Please do send your "Thoughts and prayers" but do think, is Pence the man, sent from God to help?

Coronavirus is in America, it is in Spain and it won’t be prayed away and according to snoops.com* the Trump administration fired the U.S. pandemic response team in 2018 to cut costs.

Trump is right to pass this to Pence as he can limit his exposure with the disease.

He can easily drop Pence as his VP in 2020 but if Coronavirus isn’t adequately handled, people will find exposure to Covid-19 is just as easily passed to them.

I repeat this is not a drill, cancel your war-games, cancel all football games and stay at home when you are sick. Skype, text and type, there are other ways of communicating without large gatherings of people and yes the economy will be affected by these cancellations but that should not be or primary concern even if the Dow Jones drops more than 1,000 points.

If you want the former Governor of Indiana dealing with this pandemic like he did an outbreak of HIV, I have to ask, are you Positive?


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