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COVID-19 and working at a school

This account comes from a fourth-year auxiliar who has started back teaching in a school and I can't imagine the frustration and confusion auxiliars and coordinators are facing right now.

Anyone experiencing a lack of organization and communication at their school?

My experience: Got to school this morning searching for our bilingual coordinator and was told by another teacher.. "oh.. he is absent today because he was in contact with someone with covid." (This man always takes off his mask in the classroom talking close to us) Me: so what do we (the auxiliares) do? Should we go home? Teacher: no, he doesnt have a positive result yet and moreover we were all in contact with him. It's the same as being in the metro or the supermarket. You can get it anywhere. Me: WTH?

Scenario 2. Went to a class and the teacher said "no no you cant come in. We are going home now. A student tested positive for covid" Soooo... if we didnt go to the class absolutely no one would send an email or call to say we should stay home as well because a student we were in contact with has covid? Teacher: please, I dont know. Talk to the headmaster. Headmaster: how long were you in the class for? Me: 30mins Headmaster: 30 minutes is little. I think you are fine but let me check with the covid coordinator and get back to you later. 3 hours later: .................

Me to me: So covid has a time frame in which you can get it now???

Basically they are keeping us at work to justify our hours since we are getting paid for September at the risk of getting the virus. Mind you.. this is in vallecas, area with one of the highest covid.

I just wanted to scream at the headmaster and the coordinator.

Make sure your pencil case is full of all the school essentials.

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