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Could Favreau become UN Ambassador?

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Is there a role for Jon Favreau in Homeland Security?

There are many roles unfilled within the Trump Administration at present and some people are only acting as either Secretary or Director in several important areas. There is an acting Chief of Staff and an acting Secretary of Defence. Yesterday, the Director of the Secret Service was dismissed following the forced resignation of the Secretary of Department of Homeland Security.

These are all important roles and one person who I think would be perfect as Director of the Secret Service or even acting Secretary for Homeland Security, either in an acting capacity or as director is Jon Favreau but Mr Favreau would quickly be cast as a villain to many in DC if President Trump steps up his Zero Tolerance Policy on the Southern Border.

New Yorker, Jon Favreau might be better placed as a future UN Ambassador considering is influential circle of friends in and around Central Park.

President Trump has suggested that he favours people in an acting role in his administration but I suspect he is actually having difficulty getting his directors passed bipartisan committees.

Like Donald Trump, Jon Favreau was born in Queens, New York and has even appeared as a guest judge on the Apprentice. His earlier career included time spent on Wall Street working for the New York-based global investment bank, Bear Stearns Companies, Inc.

While he only worked briefly on Wall Street, more people recognise him for his early role as a partner in the Hell’s Kitchen law firm of Franklin Nelson and Matt Murdock.

At the time, Mr Murdock was seen to be very tough on crime in New York.

Favreau has also worked in California but despite Bear Stearns failing as part of the global financial crisis, his own career was just taking off in in 2008 and he will always be known as a millionaire playboy to his New York Friends.

With so many vacancies in the Trump administration Mr Favreau could act as both Director of the Secret Service and as acting UN Ambassador.

Soon after the attack of New York, Favreau worked as a Security Chief for a weapons manufacturer.

While the weapons manufacturer has divested from producing military grade weapons such as the Jericho Missile, Favreau was happy to to a play a part in Stark Industries but many people were disappointed with his over zealous behaviour as Security Chief including the CEO, P Potts.

There are a few questions that have to be asked about his involvement with Russians and his time working for a boss who ruled with an iron fist and was frequently seen to be drinking to excess.

In 2010, Favreau was caught behind the wheel of a crashed Rolls Royce in Monaco after a Russian man lashed out at him. Favreau hit the man with the car in self defence and the Russian was actually arrested. This came shortly after a brief meeting with Solar City/ Tesla CEO, Elon Musk.

Favreau was Director when an arms manufacturer's CEO was captured in the Middle East which involved a huge manhunt, headed by Col. James Rhodes.

Rhodes was later replaced but the Air Force were literally left to pick up the pieces after the CEO´s captivity by hostile warlords.

Some people might question his role in supervising the taking of a teenager from his aunt in New York and bringing him first to a German airport and then into an actual civil war.

The boy was exposed to many unnecessary risks when he should have been shielded from the horrors of a civil war. In another episode, the Security Chief, let down his guard when meeting a woman who as become known as a Russian spy.

Despite his connections to military manufacturers and supervision of minors caught in a web of lies, I still think he was an excellent director and could fill one of the many acting roles available in the Trump Administration.

There are many acting directors in President Trump's administration and the Director of Ironman 1 & 2 who also played the Security Chief, Harold "Happy" Hogan in Marvel films as well as Daredevil, Matt Murdock's friend Franklin Nelson in the 2003 Marvel film and Monica's millionaire boyfriend in Friends Season 3 would make an excellent pick for the reality tv show president and his unreal world.

Not to be confused by Obama's Speechwriting Director Jon Favreau, Actor and Director, Jon Favreau who is most famous for playing "Happy" in Spiderman Homecoming, The Avengers and Ironman films would make a great UN Ambassador for America because no one else can sum up the world's frustration at Trump's policies than an ambassador we can call UN Happy.

Seriously though, we will probably see Secretary Kid Rock in charge of caging kids and Ambassador Palin staring at Putin from Alaska but Trump couldn't get better than Ironman's bodyguard.

In the driver's seat: Happy might carry a lot of baggage but at least he is tough on Russians.

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