• Morgan Fagg

Corona means crown

So get off your high horse

Weeks ago, I read the news*

and hoped it wasn’t true

Princess Anne’s daughter

refused to self isolate, after a ski trip to Italy

You are no princess and inherited no title

Yet were born 6th inline to a billion-pound queendom

An Olympian equestrian

Princess Anne’s Royal little princess

Why doesn’t Zara Philips Tindall

self-quarantine after skiing in Italy?

She isn’t the only Grand Princess

who has been quarantined out to sea

For over a fortnight two royal battle cruisers

have been caught in this epic fight

The Grand Princess and Diamond Princess

Seasick passengers, in port, not the high seas

Get off your high horse,

this isn’t Cheltenham nor an Olympic arena

There is no best in show

when you are this close to the throne

Remember corona means crown

people need to self-quarantine

Will and Kate visit Ireland another day

Please stay away from the Queen

or "Just call me Harry" will be King

Like Prime Minister Trudeau,

safely quarantined in Canada,

if you know what I mean

Get off your high horse Zara Philips

too many have died on Princesses on the high seas

The Queen is old and Prince Philip even older

Charles is next in line but his age is also at risk

The United King-dumb of parades and pageantry

there is no dressage in triage only dressings and bandages

Corona means crown, you can’t turn that around

People have been buried, they are already in the ground

A battle royal, corona means crown, don’t wear it around

IT is as scary as a Stephen King clown

Get off your high horse, take your foot from your mouth

Farmers in Ireland know what they’re talking about

clean your feet and your hooves and your hands,

I hope you understand but what is the plan?

Is Andrew the only one self-isolating?

Your godfather’s extradition disgrace,

distancing himself from Epstein’s case

Be seen in public, lend a helping hand

but there is no blue ribbon in triage

or at least from what I understand

Saturday 14th of March, en Madrid


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