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Cinderella's Curfew

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Halloween 2020 felt more like Halloween H20

This has been the weirdest Halloween that I’ve ever seen, one where masks have been mandatory and Trick or Treating completely unwelcome and unnecessary.

One where I have seen few pumpkins on sale in my neighbourhood and the first Halloween I have experienced with a Cinderella curfew. My taxi or Cabafi might not have turned into a pumpkin at Midnight but I am used to being able to party until dawn in Madrid but this year when I woke up on October 31st around 5.30am, I decided to bring my pumpkin for a walk so I could get at least one photo of a pumpkin in Madrid.

Leaving my house at 6.01, I thought I could get a fun photo in Madrid but as I went out into the eerily quiet streets, I wondered if the curfew had been extended past 6 A.M.

There would be no Fancy Dress party in public this year even though I am sure many people met privately. In fact, I am sure a lot of people went trick or treating on the sly back home in Ireland.

We can lockdown and have curfews yet still do EVERYTHING wrong. I’ve past restaurants with people dancing close together inside and without masks, and people without masks starting to hug friends of mine as we left a theatre.

People quickly left the theatre at 10.30 and were worried about the curfew. The theatre was great which would make for a separate blog on it’s own but as people started leaving the theatre in a hurry it reminded me of the opening scene of a Purge film.

As my friends got hugged passing a packed bar, I continued walking until I was clear of the drunks and I waited for my friends for a few minutes but they called me back and signalled that they were going into the bar. I said nothing and kept walking, and acted as if my friends had just got bitten by zombies rather than just hugged by drunks.

All weekend, my girlfriend and I watched horror films and even though none of the films had the scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, I did adopt two Halloween inspired Halloween masks.

PRESIDENT MYERS: How I wanted to look for Halloween.

The first one was a Donald Trump mask which I was meant to paint white as the original Halloween mask believe it or not was a William Shatner mask painted white. Hard to believe they made a franchise out of a Star Trek mask and a kitchen knife but they did.

My second mask was an Irish-made mask from Wexford with the image of Michael Myers on it.

Trying out my MAGA mask outside, I looked more like Captain Kirk with my yellow t-shirt than the monster in the White House responsible for more deaths than almost every single horror film combined.

The curfew didn't contain everyone and violence broke out on the streets of Madrid as people clashed with the policia about the restrictions.

I heard the helicopters at 1 A.M. but presumed they were using either inferred cameras to detect large gatherings or were visually checking rooftops for illegal gatherings.

As I said, Halloween 2020 has been like no other and it is incredible to think of the carnage Covid-19 has caused compared to films like Halloween H20, Friday 13th and The Purge.

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