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Christmas cop on with Ciara

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

I recently added Ciara Bruton on Facebook and saw that she offers a coaching service but when I clicked on the link, the website www.ciarabrutonwellbeing.com wasn't working.

I quickly contacted Ciara to let her know and started chatting about a couple of things even though I wasn't interested in coaching I was concerned that her links were down and that she mightn’t have been aware of it.

Today, Ciara has posted an 8-minute video about Christmas time and coping with all the stress where she has encouraged people to post some short videos about their own experiences.

In a nutshell, Christmas can be hell and I am sure Ciara is too polite to say that. At the start of the video, she confesses that she wanted to call her video “ A cup of Christmas cop on but thought the title was too judgemental.

Not known for much cop on, I will call this blog Christmas cop-on with Ciara as she touches on many valid points.

Firstly, don't let yourself get overwhelmed at Christmas time.

Don’t let the silly season drive you mad. Stay centered.

Ciara is trying to call out the Christmas madness and touched upon the Argos Catalog which she saw presented as "Book of Dreams". A wonderful marketing slogan of course but as she points out,

“My dreams are not in the Argos catalog.”

Let’s take a leaf out of Ciara’s book and address the madness surrounding Christmas time. Take care of yourself and whatever you do, don’t go into debt, showing people that you care about them.

My own spiritual IT advice

Sometimes our own links are down and we need a friend to point it out.

Sometimes a quick fix can get you back on the information superhighway.

And sometimes we all just need to disconnect.

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