• Morgan Fagg


With Dick-he-is and that "Britney bitch"

I wonder if it´s time for censorship

to censor shit.

Songs that go "on and on and on and on"

Polluted education, disgraceful stereotypes

drugged up, fucked up

Christo champagne and hoes

encourage us "to turn that shit up"

no mention of STDs, failed marriages

and liver disease.

"All my bitches got real hair,

I´m gonna take her ass down,

if she brings her friend around"

"That´s the kind of nigger I am"

Fuck it up, now sing it loud, shout it out

before we hit the ground

Click here if you are over 18

or want to be

porn portals await

either way

Full nudity and Walking Dead on television at noon

lunchtime entertainment

pussy and entrails

With qujii boards on Scoobie Doo

what are we going to do?

You must be over 18 to buy that video game

for your 12-year-old son

it may contain, violence, swearing

and murdering prostitutes on L.A. streets

but everyone else has it at school

Hardcore lyrics porno bitches

where Tourettes is no longer a medical condition

but necessary for a rap career position

"I don't mean to be disrespectful but you're a sexy bitch

unlike my neighborhood whores, yeah you're a sexy bitch"

You don´t mean to be disrespectful,

Well you're no Shakespeare´s sonnet

I think you choose to be


Find out that it is

Disrespect-full of shit

"Walking into a club,

like, what-up, I got a big cock"

is not "fucking awesome"

"Her pussy was so good,"

"she could suck my penis"

Censor shit, censor it

Young ears and young eyes

protected from

ignorant ways

At least try Spain

some of the time

13th of May 2014 En Madrid

Listening to *Hit FM in my car

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