• Morgan Fagg

Censoring Sarcasm, No Seriously

Here is a Facebook post that I had shared in the past but was unable to share this year.

Apparently the joke went against Facebook's Community Standards, yes, the same people who gave us Brexit and then Donald Trump through the work of Cambridge Analytica, their Community Standards. Let's take a look at the censored post and decide for yourself if it violates any known laws.

GREAT AGAIN? It is interesting to note that other posts of mine also aren't "Available right now" and I wonder when they might become "Available" AGAIN.

POST TO POST: Both posts aren't available or have been heavily censored and I understand that Satire and Sarcasm might fall into a questionable category that would warrant some scrutiny but let's look at the actual Sarcasm in question and see if it offends anyone who wasn't kicked out of Harvard for violating their Community Standards.

JOKER: Ouch, what a zinger, maybe Mark Zuckerberg doesn't get Sarcasm and doesn't what other people to get it either and that might explain why we see so little coverage of The Sarcasm World Championships when you think about it.

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