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Can you recognise this actor?

I saw this well-known actor posting this picture on Linked-in while writing about a project he was directing, and I thought it would be fun to see who can recognise this actor by his eyes alone.

It's a nice mask for the pandemic but I am hoping such visors will become a lot smaller in the future.

A big reader known for his technobabble here are three quotes from the actor/ director.

All literature is political.

We have an amazing advantage right now in that we have developed technology that is so sexy, so engaging for kids.

I've always been interested in gadgets and technology and I've always been a reader.


Not a household name but a very distinguished actor and instantly recognisible for an unusual role where we rarely ever saw his eyes.

A futuristic version of James Doohan's character, giving it all he's got. Let's hear it for Lavar Burton from Star Trek The Next Generation.

The actor and director is well known for his dedication to literacy even if his character Geordi LaForge isn't known for wearing reading glasses on set.

His 21st Century visor is pictured above and it is absolutely enormous but Mr Burton is better known for his futuristic eyewear than his headwear anyways.

Well done Geordi, there is hope for the future and I always thought Star Trek The Next Generation was a great prediction of this generation right now as we Skype call people on the big screen and ask our computer for answers while entering things into our tablets and tricorders/Iphones.

The character Geordi La Forge was apparantly created by Gene Roddenberry in honour of a quadriplegic Star Trek fan called George La Forge who passed away in 1975.

Burton's character starts out as a helmsman on the bridge of the Enterprise before later becoming Chief Engineer La Forge. Amongst some of the other people considered for the part included Wesley Snipes, Tim Russ and baseball player Reggie Jackson.

Burton had already made a name for himself as a presenter on Reading Rainbow and as an actor in Roots.

Reading Rainbow actually ran for 21 seasons.

When Star Trek first aired, Burton was better known in the US than his co-star Sir Patrick Steward who played Captain Jean Luc Picard.

Can you recognise him now or does he just look like he is a member of Daft Punk?

In this futuristic world we are living in, we need some leadership but it looks like Dr Fauchi wasn't let near the controls at all as the captain hogged the camera while everyone else just face planted him.

How well Star Trek predicted this generation and it looks like there was a Klingon in the White House during the last season of whatever reality show we were watching.

I wonder if technology in the future tries to sell you things after something you say or after something you Google. My meme above predicts advertisements in Klingon as soon as you hang up on Worf.

Happy birthday Levar Burton, I really enjoyed re-watching The Next Generation during the lockdown

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