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Can we believe this little​ liar?

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

The 12-year-old girl at the heart of a storm brewing at Immanuel Christian School has recanted her story and it makes me wonder if we can believe the little liar at all. Can we?

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Hear me out here, she has lied about the original story and is now telling the truth. Is that right?

The problem I have with this is simply that we are busy investigating Donald Trump's coercion of a foreign president when a girl reporting racial hated at Vice President Mike Pence's wife's school suddenly says that she made up the widely circulated story.

I'm going to go so far as say that she is a little liar but I'm not sure what part of this story she is lying about. It's not like she was studying at Brett Kavanaugh High but the negative attention that this story has attracted by having the homophobic Pence family involved is something that cannot be ignored.

Firstly, I have seen little reporting on the new twist in this tale and very little new information other than the family deny the original claims.

I'm not trying to find a conspiracy here but I don't think we should bury this story under the carpet or let Mike Pence back in the closet just yet. This school has extraordinary anti-LGBT rules and hired Second Lady Karen Pence as a part-time art teacher so don't expect many rainbows to be drawn as I draw conclusion that Karen Pence has all this information of what actually happened in her school kept in a secret server in Bengasi and she should be locked up and we should get Mexico to pay for it.

Sorry, I went a little Sandy Hook, Infowars there but hear me out. This little liar has lied about something but which side of the story is she lying about and which side is the truth?

In my opinion, the staff and students probably know what happened especially if the originally told story took place in the playground. If her hair was cut by herself and not three boys from her class then people cannot easily prove what happened in the girls' bathroom or her classroom.

I'd like to know if Karen Pence was working in the school that day and gave the boys some scissors from her art class and told them to run out and play. Maybe there is a reason the Vice President's wife has not spoken out on this sad chapter in the school's PROUD history of hating minorities.

This follow up blog was inspired from a Twitter account informing me about the sudden change in the story. A story that should have died right there if the President wasn't continually caught asking world leaders for dirt on his opponent, Sleepy Joe.

This poor girl could be innocent and either paid off or threatened or she could go down in history as the girl who cried wolf at Immanuel Christian anti-gay high.

I hope that it is the latter and not my crazy conspiracy option but if it is then those poor boys deserve the utmost apology and every girl sexually assaulted by a Supreme Court judge or talented swimmer just looking for "20 minutes of action" or Epstein victim accusing the president of rape is as far ahead of Dr Blasey Ford as she was of Anita Hill. Well at least Joe Biden apologised to Anita Hill, eventually.

When things get this messed up, can we believe any known liar?

This story involves children and it is horrible to imagine that the attack did happen and was covered up to protect the reputation of the school and Mrs Vice or that the girl made it all up and slandered the name of her anti LGBT school and the innocent boys in her class.

Hair discrimination is a very new concept for most of us but obstruction of justice is nothing new for anyone following the Trump/ Pence regime.


Before people think I am grasping at straws here, let me give you an example. A ticket inspector was asking for my train ticket and I decided to use the opportunity of his undivided attention to ask why the train was so late. He said he didn't know, I asked again while holding my card in my hand but not giving it to him to scan and he said again that he didn't know and then I asked again and he said that there was an accident suggesting a suicide that delayed the train.

Twice he didn't know and on the third time, he not only knew an answer but he gave an answer that makes it impossible for me to complain about the tardy train without being completely insensitive.

I don't know if somebody did die that day or not but if someone did die then it is not something anybody wants to talk about and he is justified to say that he didn't know even though it is a lie.

It is a horrific horrible mess that is disturbing to even think about but at the same time, the guy told me that he didn't know and then suddenly he did. I can not trust this man telling me a story.

The reality lies much further down the track where a body was either discovered and delayed all the trains and where the police and ambulance crews had to remove the body and fill out a lot of paperwork OR NOT.

Mueller Report.

As we learnt from the Fox Mueller Report, The truth is out there.

News report source: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-49885837

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