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¿Puedo ser Franco? Can I be Frank?

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Spain's transition to democracy happened overnight but the democratic dawn never forgot the night before even if people don't talk of the darkness before the dawn.

Below you will see a beautiful and youthful marble general looking out on an old airfield and looking to the skies over his airfield.

Like his counterparts in Berlin and Rome, he gave birth to an airforce which like Mussolini and Hitler, took flight and took shape over Guernika with over 80 aircraft descending on the marketplace to maximise the effect on the civilian population of this trial run at what would become known as Blitzkrieg in Poland.

A modern wold was born with these tri-motor German planes devastating a Spanish town.

This type of tri-motor was later manufactured under licence in Spain and it was the same type of plane that acted as Hitler's very own Air Force One transport plane.

On the left we can see a close up of a statue to General Franco over looking his airfield and in the main picture we can see the moment a modern day transport flew over the museum. Dropping backward I couldn't believe my luck at capturing the future and past military transporters in the same frame. The Airbus A400M Atlas is the pride of Europe's military capabilities while Hitler's personal transporter remains grounded and unlike the Spanish dictator that died in his bed in his 70's, Hitler has no public monument devoted to him in Germany.

Franco on the other hand, was quietly buried in a modern day pyramid with the world's largest free standing cross marking his grave. A headstone large enough to see from space. Okay I have never been to space but I have seen it twice from the oval windows of my Ryanair 737/800 flights.

Franco is here and he is going no where fast. His bombers might be grounded but his fighters can still be found in Madrid. I have seen them first hand in streets by Plaza Santa Ana. Protected by the police and with their own security wearing black leather gloves.

Can Spain bury Franco in 2019, I don't know I don't have 2020 vision.

When the Reich fell so did their symbols just like Saddam fell in Iraq in more recent times.

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