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A Photographer In Every Midland Home

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

HISTORICAL archives are full of them, advertisements need them, we pose for them, frame them and most importantly enjoy looking at them and taking them. We are all exposed to photographs and cameras. We have all seen the old photographs of our parents and their parents when they were young and even some of when we were cuter & younger then now.

As we click through the years, we gather more than just 6x4 cellulite slips of paper, we collect and store memories. Memories of birthdays, sunsets, holidays, friends, family and our favourite things.

Cameras of all shapes and sizes are a major aspect of our lives. Everyone of us who handles a camera contributes to this important art form and yes we are all in a way photographers.

If you have an interest in photography and wish to learn more then check out the Midland Photography Club.

Whether new to photography or an experienced enthusiast, the Midland Photography Club organises events, club outings, guess speakers and photography courses.

Starting in June 2009 with only four members the camera club officially opened the club on September 10 to near 50 members with guest speaker Ciaran Og Arnold.

Mr Arnold a native of Ballinasloe showcased some of his Midland Gallery of Photography that has been exhibited in Temple Bar, Dublin.

Local photographer Joe Relihan was also an early guest speaker who recounted the time he was photographing President Bill Clinton meeting President Mary Robinson at Dublin Airport.

Life through a lens, a little person is captured walking through Canon's largest model.

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