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Boxer’s son throws his hat in the ring

Updated: Apr 8

Jamie Moran has thrown his hat in the ring but with the full support of a man not known to pull punches when it comes to politics, Athlone’s very own Boxer.

At only 20 years of age, Jamie Moran is certainly a young candidate who has probably received a lot of training in the shadow of his father. Shadow boxing might allow him to bob and weave and even sideswipe some opponents but politics like boxing is a brutal sport even for spectators and commentators. Jamie Moran will need to lead with his chin and come out from the safety of the shadow and square off against any opponent who thinks he is not ready.

Despite being knocked out in the second round when I ran for Athlone when I was his age, I have enjoyed a ringside seat at both local and national level and know the heavyweights that Jamie Moran has in his corner. His father Kevin, “Boxer” Moran T.D. and Councillor Paul Hogan who both beat me to the punch in the 2004 Local Elections.

Next, to the other heavy hitters, the Junior Boxer might appear as a lightweight contender but anyone who enters the ring deserves our full respect as they are bound to receive a few low blows that are difficult to stomach and you really have to take it on the chin and roll with the punches.

Politicians are not well respected but each would-be champion must throw their hat in the ring, knowing that they can receive some sucker punches and end up taking a dive and even find themselves lying on the canvas and certainly politicians are always assumed to be lying on the canvas. Add social media into the equation and young candidates have to be on guard or find themselves being hit with criticism like they are Conor McGregor.

We will all be hoping that young Jamie Moran can punch above his weight for Athlone and I am guessing he already knows the ropes better than most contenders, he certainly has an excellent coach.

I will give him the same advice that I gave a group of newly elected Labour TDs at the beginning of the 31st Dáil. I told them that:

“There is a County Councillor in Athlone who shows up to events in a luminous jacket and always rolls up his sleeves to get the job done.”

I was referring of course to his father who went on to win a seat in the 32nd Dáil.

His father never threw in the towel when the River Shannon flooded and has since become Minister of State for the Office of Public Works and Flood Relief but whoever calls to the door in the next election. Remember politicians are in your corner so don’t come out swinging, when the bell rings.

PUT UP YOUR DUKES: Boxer welcomes Prince Charles to Ireland when the The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall visited in June 2018.

PHOTO This blog was inspired by the images of Boxer Moran TD pictured with Prince Charles that were circulated in the media, image not by own.

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