• Morgan Fagg

Remembering the Bowling Green Massacre

Two years ago we heard the disturbing news about the Bowling Green Massacre.

Almost from the beginning you could see the Trump regime trying to manipulate the details to advance their own agenda.

There was no time for reflection on those not injured in the event and people were quick to criticise the Trump Administration for the poor handling of the situation.

Two years on from Kelly Ann Conway’s “Alternative Facts” as people prepare for the Oscars and Award ceremonies, I remember watching Black Panther with my girlfriend and a bowl of popcorn and a bottle of cava, (champagne). You have never seen a bowl of popcorn finished quicker in what has been known at home as the Bowl in Green Massacre.

However you choose to celebrate life, take some time to remember all the popcorn wasted in the movie industry and all those fallen kernels that never had time to pop or enjoy a Marvel film.

Wankanda forever

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